Tarot card for week beginning 7th November


The card that I drew to look at the energies for this coming week is from my Druidcraft deck of tarot cards and is the “King of Cups”.

This week is about connecting in with what makes you tick – what makes you uniquely you.  Rather than conforming to set patterns or expectations laid down for you from the past, tune in to what really makes you feel alive.  What is it that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning?  What do you look forward to doing?  When you have free time, what do you enjoy?  If you could be or do anything that you dream about, what would that look like?  What would that feel like?  Let your creativity flow and bring inspiration.

Sometimes we can get lost in our day-to-day routines – and we can find ourselves operating on autopilot or in a trance and losing touch with the joy of life and with our inner essence.  If you’re wondering what direction your life should take then look for your answers outside in nature, near the flow of water, or in meditation or listening to music or reading a book.  If you ask the questions then the answers will come.

Spend some time this week doing things that you love, things that bring you joy and let yourself feel the life flowing through you and wanting to express itself.

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Tarot card reading for week beginning 31st October

The tarot card that I drew to look at the energies for this coming week is the “Five of Swords” from my Druidcraft deck of tarot cards.


It feels like you’ve had enough. Your conflict may be with your health, with your finances, with work, in a relationship; it may even be in more than one of these areas!  You’re tired, weary and fed up of banging your head against a brick wall.  It’s like no matter what you do you don’t make any progress and life just feels like a long hard slog with one battle after another to deal with.

Fives in the tarot can mark a turning point. Life never stays the same – even if sometimes it really feels like it does.  Energy is always flowing and therefore it can always change. So take heart. Whilst you may be feeling stuck and maybe floundering in the darkness it feels that things are ready to change. The key seems to be to let go of struggle and resistance. It’s that balance between desiring change and simultaneously accepting what is right now. If you knew that everything was going to be ok, that despite appearances everything was working in your favour and bringing about something wonderful for you, how would that change your way of handling your situation?  Would you feel more relaxed and more able to handle it?  So believe that is truly the case and that only good can come of this and that all is well.

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Oracle card for week beginning 24th October

Today I’ve chosen to use my “Magical Times” empowerment deck of cards to see what message we have for this week.  The card that I drew is “Faith”.

This message is very apt for me right now as I am currently dealing with a physical injury.  When we face dis-ease, illness, emotional and situational challenges it can be easy to feel alone and to struggle.  All too often we find ourselves focusing on the very thing we wish wasn’t happening! Which really isn’t the best thing.  So what to do?  How do you handle life when it seems to throw you a curve-ball?  Have faith.  Go inwards – whether that’s through meditation, nature, music or simply sitting still – and connect to that place of safety inside.  Your true essence, your divine self has it covered. He/she knows exactly how to handle this.  So ask to be shown what you need to know, anything you need to do and then relax and trust.  You do not have to figure out how to breathe: it happens.  Your hair, your nails, your skin all grow and renew themselves without you having to figure out the details.  So trust and have faith that all aspects of your life are taken care of.

If you’d like an individual reading then you can request one here. Have a wonderful week.

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Tarot card for week beginning 17th October

The tarot card drawn to look at the energies for this coming week is “Death” from the Druidcraft tarot deck.


This week feels to be a time of change and transformation.  After the full moon at the weekend it seems to be about continuing to release those things from our lives and from our self that we no longer want.

In order to change, you need to first of all identify what it is that you’re not happy about or no longer want.  Sometimes when we’re feeling unhappy we can get stuck in that and start suffering and don’t realise that those feelings can also be a gift to us and prodding us to go in a new direction.  So this week, if you’re feeling frustrated or upset or maybe restless then look deeper to see what is trying to come to the surface.

Be brave enough and willing to look more closely at what’s going on and see if there is some new way of thinking or seeing things or doing things that’s ready to emerge.

Change can sometimes feel scary – it’s that step into the unknown – yet how can you embrace the new if you don’t let go of the old?

Be open to what’s new that’s calling you and waiting to transform.

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Tarot card for week beginning October 3rd 2016

wheelThe card that I’ve drawn today to look at what we might expect for the upcoming week is “The Wheel” from my Druidcraft deck of tarot cards.

Sometimes in life we want to keep ourselves safe – to keep things as they are and put protection around ourselves that no-one can get past. This week you may be feeling the need to withdraw or retreat and keep yourself separate.  Perhaps there’s some situation in your life that you want to keep apart from and push away from you; feeling that it’s not really you or what you want.  You may even be feeling that you’ve backed yourself into a kind of corner because you’ve been so intent on things being a certain way.

This card reminds us of the rhythms of life and tells us that nothing ever stays the same and that this applies to both the “good” and the “bad”.  Things will come full circle and there’s no need to hold on too tightly.  It encourages us to release any tension and be able to relax more with the ebb and flow of life. We’re never stuck, even when it may seem like it, and change will come.  Look for movement and you will find it.

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Oracle card for week beginning 26th September 2016


image by permission of artist http://www.bergsma.com

The card that I drew to look at the energies for this coming week is from my “Magical Times” Empowerment cards oracle deck.  The card drawn is “Reconciliation”.

Is there some area of your life that’s out of harmony?  Is there some situation or relationship that’s tugging at your heart and causing you sorrow?  This card tells us that it’s possible to experience healing and restore wholeness.

Each moment we can choose to do something different.  The desire for change is all that’s needed to initiate it and just one small step can open up the way for creating a whole new picture.

Perhaps there’s hurt or misunderstanding in a relationship and time has gone by and it seems impossible to mend or repair it.  This card tells us that love can heal anything and what’s more that we can choose that at any moment. We can choose to send love into any relationship or situation and know that it will affect it for the good.  Our first step is internally with the desire and willingness to affect reconciliation.  From there we can trust that any action we might need to take will come to us.

Maybe it’s yourself that you need to reconcile with.  You may be being tough and hard with yourself about something.  Be gentle with yourself.  Let go of that critical voice and be kind.  Meet yourself with the gift of love and the desire to be at peace and blossom and grow.

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bring together.


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Tarot card for week beginning 19th September

The card that I drew today to look at what we might expect for the forthcoming week was “The Magician”.


This week is about claiming your own power and really knowing your ability to shape your world. The Magician on this card stands tall and confident; he has absolutely no doubt about what he’s doing.  There is no hesitation or uncertainty or wondering “what if….”, “well, I’ll try it and see…”, “fingers crossed and hope for the best…”. No!! He knows.

So for the next 7 days  look at connecting in with your inner self and finding time to tune inwards, away from the hustle and bustle and busyness around you.   If there is something in your life that you wish was different then know that it can be.  Just because it’s like that right now doesn’t mean it has to continue that way.  What is it that really want? Allow yourself to listen to those inner nudges.  What is stirring in your heart and soul?  Start to feel it flowing through you and say yes to your dreams. Know that if you have a dream there is a way for it to come true.   Tap into your imagination to paint that picture of your new reality and then start to use your determination and willpower to bring it to life.  Watch out for some small step that you can take and then take it.

Trust in yourself, put your focus on your intention and begin to harness your ability to bring it into being.

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